Valle Maira

Since 1973

San Damiano Macra Coralba

Where I was born

I was born in Val Maira, specifically in San Damiano Macra, in the province of Cuneo.
Just over 400 people are living in my village, 743 metres above sea level.
We all know each other, and we fall in love every time we see our mountains.
Pure mountain air has made me taste so good that everyone who has tried me appreciates me.

My spring

I gush out of living rock, at the foot of a rock face on the right flank of the Maira Valley, among dolomitic limestones and dolomites belonging to the “Limestone Formation with Green Stones”.
I feel as if I am somewhat “romancing the stone” myself since green is actually the colour I identify with.

It is a colour that stands for purpose, commitment, and dedication to achieving a sustainable future!

Mano acqua coralba
Analisi acqua Coralba


I am soft

With 224.4 mg/l, I belong to the soft water category


pH = 7,8

Low in sodium

With just 0.41 mg/l, I am one of the mineral waters with the lowest sodium content

I am low in nitrates

Very low nitrate content (< 2 mg/l, which means that the aquifer is well protected)

I am recommended suitable for low-sodium diets.
Bear in mind that I promote diuresis!